Friday, August 28, 2009

What to do, what to do...

Buying wine can be very intimidating. Surrounded by bottles with fanciful labels I often make an emotional decision rather than an educated one. Pretty graphics, romantic landscapes, sexy nudes, witty wordplay, aggressive come-ons, fine art, oh my. My knowledge of wine is limited, so I rely on the experts for guidance. I always appreciate a wine store with extensive note cards pinned to the different wines (I do love to read!). When left to my own devices, lets say in an unfamiliar wine store with a lackluster selection, I will gravitate towards the familiar. One standby that I have come to count on is the La Vieille Ferme wines. Selling for (sometimes well) under $10 a bottle the wine comes in three flavors: Red, White and Rose. How convenient.

All three are very drinkable, never boring. Boredom is often the problem for me with a less expensive everyday table wine. The bouquet will start to become cloying, a single note will begin to dominate and I just pour it down the drain in disappointment (or rather I shelve it into the cupboard to use in cooking. Yeah, I know the adage about not using wine you wouldn't drink for cooking, but seriously, almost any wine tastes good when it is used as part of a braising liquid. seriously.)

This cute feathered couple suggest a rustic French Farm. What could be bad about that?

Amanda, you are a sophisticated connoisseur of wine, I wonder what you think of the La Vieille Ferme line of wines. How does it compare in your estimation to other wines in this price point (I can get it at my local wine store on Queens Boulevard for $6.99 a bottle! WooHoo!)?

I have to agree. These wines are absolutely wonderful values. I tasted them recently and was impressed by all three. It's no wonder, as the project is owned by Jean Pierre Perrin. Perrin is fifth generation owner of one of the greatest domaines in Chateauneuf du Pape - Chateau de Beaucastel. Beaucastel has been producing some of the world's greatest wines since early in the 20th century (but its lineage goes back to the 16th century). Robert Parker sings the praises of these wines as well. With regard to the Vieille Ferme line-up, he has said these are wines "for those who want great quality and delicious drinking". The wines receive wonderful ratings from vintage to vintage. I highly recommend all three, and they are perfect for entertaining large crowds, as they are true crowd-pleasers, and incredibly food-friendly. The wines are also available in magnums which are great for parties!

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