Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A bloggers life

One of the many pleasures of writing this blog is the surprising emergence of so many new friends and the reconnecting with so many old friends. It is virtual community building and it's pretty great! Today Amanda is occupied with family matters and could not contribute a wine suggestion. I thought I would take the day off too, from recipes, and give a shout-out to some of my fellow bloggers out there, friends both old and new who are posting their hearts out and are well worth a visit.
Life without Amanda

First up is my friend Katie and her blog post today is on Stuffed Acorn Squash. She uses quinoa as the stuffing and it reminded me a bit of my recipe for Quinoa Stuffed Patty Pan Squash, but Katie's recipe is a little more Southern Italian with it's olives and artichoke hearts. Katie and I went to culinary school together and her blog A Party in my Pantry is a fun and informative passionate foodie's take on the world from her hipster pad in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Katie loves all things Michael Pollan and among her many culinary skills she is a mean raw foods chef.
When we are not foraging our way through Jackson Heights, Queens looking for unusual ingredients Katie and I try to get out of town. This was our visit to Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture in Bedford, NY

A new friend who is only known to me as tofugirl, emerged after reading our Roxbury Farm post and recognizing it as her own CSA. Tofugirl's blog Open Mouth Insert Cookie is witty and pretty, with lots of great food photos. She focuses on baked goods and has a lot of inspiring recipes.
As you can see I could use some help with baking. I force every family member to accept a homemade birthday cake from me every year. They are gracious.

I made Mark Bittman's Pear Upside Down cake from the recipe in the NY Times today. It came out so pretty. It is quite sweet and tastes like a coffee cake. I would add lemon zest to the pears next time for a little counterbalance to the sweet. And maybe some cardamom or nutmeg in the batter.

Another blog that I am really enjoying is Tales of Expansion. The author Sarah's blog came to my attention by a mutual friend who thought our blogs should "meet". Sarah's blog is really personal and funny, loaded with pictures depicting her quest to chronicle every bit of food that comes across her plate and allowing none of it to go to waste. It is quirky, charming and very entertaining.
The mutual friend leading me on a hike in New Paltz, NY

For a more sober and yet very inspiring take on the food world I always refer to Pam and her Hook Mountain Growers site. The photos are gorgeous and Pam, a physician and homesteader, offers a super smart and articulate analysis of the state of agriculture today. She keeps us all real.
Pam made me a delicious lunch fresh from her garden when I visited her this summer. Chard Tacos with tomatillo salsa!

Off the topic of food is my friend Pat who writes the snarky and often hilarious blog i-cant-believe-im-not-bitter. Pat's sophisticated world view collides with the inanities of life and results is her humorous take on how to make sense of it all.

Several friends have blogs in the works and I can't wait for their debuts, so stay tuned.

AND- I can't get away with out mentioning my husband's blog Left at the Gate. Alan started his blog five years ago as an outlet for his unrequited love of thoroughbred horse racing. His blog has become one of the most respected and widely read blogs in that industry. He is my pride and inspiration. I have even forgiven him for writing about me on his blog as a character known as "the head chef." He thinks he is pretty funny.

To all of our friends, new and old, to all of our readers, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your continued interest, encouragement and support. We are enjoying writing this blog so much and we appreciate that you took the time to visit us!

Thank you,
Deborah and Amanda

Come again for a new recipe on Friday


  1. Aww, thanks ladies!! This is so sweet. I'm thrilled to have "met" you, too. Blogging really is great for opening a new world of connections and friends!

  2. Thanks for posting Alan's photo. I have been reading his blog for years and it is nice to put the face to the name.

  3. Deborah, my wife and I go hiking often in NYC and surrounding parks and often come upon wild mushrooms.

    Was hoping you could refer me to a guide somewhere so I could determine if they were worth gathering.

    visitor from latg.

  4. Thanks for that post Deborah. I think your blog is very unique and full of inspiring dishes. Keep up the great work! I wish I could find the time to blog as much as you do!

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  6. re: mushroom foraging

    Check out Steve Brill and his amazing foraging tours in Central Park. He is a NYC Icon.

  7. Omg it's Alan's face!!

    Being vegetarian myself (although more inclined to pair my food with good beer than wine), I am happy to learn of this blog. As a vegetarian horse racing fan you guys a great pair o' bloggers!


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