Monday, June 21, 2010

so close and not so far

It is fun to be in the right place at the right time. My friend Katie, from the A Party in my Pantry cooking blog, and I went exploring the scene at Rockaway Beach in Queens last week, just a stone's throw from my house (who knew?)
The fabulous boardwalk at Rockaway beach. Love that bleached wood!

Katie had been tipped off by her surfing buddies to check out Rockaway Taco on Beach 96th Street. This very authentic, humble hipster joint had, unbeknownst to us, just been featured in the current issue of Edible Queens and fresh copies of the magazine were everywhere. There was a decided buzz in the air and an obvious pride of place, but we were busy licking our fingers over the super delicious and fresh tasting tacos they serve for an incredibly reasonable three bucks a pop (four bucks if you get the guacamole. Get it).

Rockaway Taco

Their food was great, the vibe could not be more chill, the location (on the edge between development and total collapse) was beachside perfect. I kept repeating "we will be back" like an inane mantra.

Around the corner was the charming coffee bar/woodshed/organic produce market: Jack's Coffee. Everything seemed weathered and well loved. Could not get enough of it all and well, we will be back!

The beautifully displayed produce sits right next to Jacks Coffee and some of it comes from Blooming Hill Farm, which was featured in one of our blog posts  last summer.

Inspired by the menu of Rockaway Taco,  I made a batch of scrambled eggs with tortillas, tomato and cheese. So yummy- it is a perfectly light yet filling and scrumptious meal for anytime of the day.

Scrambled Eggs with Tortillas, Cheese and Tomato

1 Tbs. butter
1/4 cup chopped onion
2 eggs-broken into bowl and beaten with a fork
1 corn tortilla-torn into small pieces
1/4 cup chopped tomato
1/4 cup grated chedder cheese

Melt butter in small pan, add onions and cook 5 min. till softened, add tortillas and cook two min., add eggs, cheese and tomatoes and cook another 3 min. till done.
serves one

I certainly do miss NYC when I read about all the great places you visit! Nothing much exists like those places in this neck of suburbia! This recipe might just be my dinner for tonight. I bet my kids would even like this (minus the tomatoes, of course). However, my son has been really good about trying different things. This weekend he tried fresh basil (and liked it), garlic hummus (did not like it) and he revisited mango (surprisingly didn't care for it). But he is definitely on the right track as far as broadening his horizons! And the bribes only cost me a pack of silly bandz and a 3D bookmark! Not bad.

Right away, the recipe makes me think of Tempranillo. I would enjoy a delicious, light, fruity style with Deb's Scrambled Eggs, Cheese and Tortillas. Something easy-sipping, and affordable. I would probably throw a little hot sauce on the eggs, so I would definitely want to avoid a wine that was too tannic. A wine with plenty of soft fruit would quell the heat. Also, stick with a young, fresh Tempranillo. One we just started offering at Wine and Spirit World is Castello de Monjardin, which is a steal at $7.99. Campos de Enanzo also produces a simple Tempranillo which also sells for $7.99 and would be a great match with it's simple, easy-going style. Either one would be terrific. Of course, if you can't source either, you can always ask your local retailer for suggestions.


  1. I love little dive-y places like that. You sometimes find the best food on the street. Actually one of the best places I've ever eaten at was a truck in Tofino British Columbia called Sobo's. I dream of their fish tacos with blueberries on top. Sounds weird but it was amazing.

  2. hi, I wrote that piece in Edible Queens and I feel the same way- "I will return, I will return." Alas, there is never enough time...


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