Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy 2011!!!

There seems to be a New Years theme stirring on a lot of blogs these past few days- a kind of "best of the year" recap. Magazines and newspapers traditionally do this and now the blogs are joining the tradition. So, why not? It seems like a fun idea to look back at the year and choose my favorite posts from 2010. Amanda has her own favorites, so let's share!
 The last sunset of the year. Long Boat Key, Florida, December 31, 2010.

I had the amazing good fortune to spend New Years weekend in Sarasota, Florida at my husband's family home. What a treat to relax in some warm weather away from the pile up of snow, and now garbage, that is burying New York City right now. Oh, I'm already back from the trip and off to work, so my bliss is purely mental at this point. Big bags of garbage are piled up in my garage, dating back from Christmas week, that still have not been picked up by the beleaguered Sanitation Department yet. Oh joy.

New years eve in a warm climate means the opportunity to GRILL! Potatoes and yellow squash got very cozy over the flame.

Of the 89 posts Amanda and I wrote in 2010 at least 15 jumped out at me as my favorites. Wanting to narrow it down a bit I have selected my top five:
Starting back at the beginning of last year, the post from January 30th Opportunity Knocks was a very special occasion where I got to cook an Indian meal with my brother who was in town for the holidays from the Dominican Republic. We had a wonderful visit and an equally good meal.

June 21st brought me to Rockaway Beach with a fellow blogger and a large appetite for tacos as described in the post So close and not so far. I have sent many people over to Rockaway Taco since then to sample their delicious fare.

On September 24th I wrote about someone dear to my heart, chef Bill Telepan, who is working incredibly hard to improve the lunches of our NY City school children, as described in the post Local Hero.

October 17th and I'm Back from Paris. nuff said.

November 9th brought two young guests to my home, and a beloved recipe for stuffed vegetables that I have made for years, as we celebrated horses and young men.

Our New Years Eve dinner wine was this yummy Cab from 2004 that we really enjoyed. Notice the bottles are empty. Amanda, do you know this wine?

2011 lays before us and I can't wait to see what it brings. Many happy days of wine and vegetables I hope! Amanda, what were your favorite posts from 2010?

One of my favorite posts was written just around this time last year, on January 27th. It was the post where Deb featured the Chick Pea, Quinoa and Spinach burgers. Today, they are still a favorite. I make them all the time! The post, called Back to Beans, was a big hit!

A Gift From the Sea is another of my favorite posts from 2010, when I paired a Pinot Blanc from Alsace with Deb's Arame and Carrot Stir-Fry. Another of my go-to dishes when I want to feel ultra-healthy!

In March, Deb did a great post featuring a Argentine restaurant, La Vuelta, in Long Island City. The Sun-Dried Tomato and Black Bean Quesadilla is fabulous, particularly when paired with an Argentine Malbec! You can re-visit this post, by clicking We'll Be Back.

I had a lot of fun with my post, The Real Deal, when I wrote about a party I attended with my friend John Gonzalez, who made the best pizza I have ever had in my life!

Finally, July brought Deb's Post, Like Mama Makes, featuring a wonderful, refreshing Gazpacho recipe which I suggested pairing with Albarino or Godello. As Gazpacho is my all-time favorite summertime treat, this post ranked among my favorites of 2010!

Thanks, Deb, for a great year of posting! Happy New Year everyone! And all the best for a great 2011!

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